Wednesday, October 26, 2005

New Level of Purgatory

Okay, I'm breaking my rule to myself. Today has been overall weird since I had to get my favorites list back in order--and just after I had condensed the essentials to one folder. But today is also a day of relief and release and I'll get back to work soon enough.

I've been released from phone bank hell to check scanning hell. I'm glad the phone bank gig is done for me. I've helped and even got a thank you card from a consumer, but there's limits to what we can do. Unfortunately, we can't break the knees of the insurance companies who are jerking their customers around, no matter how much they deserve it. On a personal note, it's draining work that nobody understands until they are put through it. I've had more bust days than writing days this past week and sleep has been weird. Falling asleep at the wheel looks like a serious issue in the morning (though it wasn't as bad this morning, but I also ended up sleeping later than usual). I'm fine at home, but the second I'm in the car, dropping eyelids.

CATS (Capital Area Transit--Baton Rouge's bus system) is supposed to get a route out to Hammond for park and ride. I hope it works out soon, because no matter how long it takes, the ride is way less stressful when someone else is behind the wheel.

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