Friday, October 21, 2005

Catch up on Fridays

Finished one week on the phones. Not as insane as taking calls for Sprint, and I'm taking my ten minutes an hour breaks we're given. Thirty minutes for lunch is barely time to eat and I'm trying to drink more water. Cutting back on the soft drinks so I don't belch in a caller's ear and so I will sleep at night. Though I wish they had gotten enough people so we could have four-day weeks. I could barely keep my eyes open on the drive-in, and sitting at the cubicle isn't much better.

I heard back from the second round of blood testing--borderline diabetic. "What do I do now, schedule an appointment with the dietian?"
"Come back in two months and we'll test it again."
Okay, just cause I'm under thirty doesn't mean this is going to go away on its own. Both my parents are diabetic, my maternal grandmother is diabetic, I'm 180 pounds (home scale) and should be 120, and find it impossible to schedule in exercise. Even the new schedule is no help. I'm getting off at 3:30pm and getting home at 5:00pm.

I also need to check my homewoners insurance for a hurricane deductible and check out the new items I can buy on it. They didn't explain them well in their letter.

Now I'm going to go back through the car notebooks for dated jottings and clean them out.

9/19/2005: Car whinning. No need to repeat.

9/22/2005: Nothing like a natural catastrophe (Rita) to snap one out of depression. Actually I have to go shopping. I have to get shelves and clean house.

I will need to get new nightstands and bedspread eventually. Looks like feeder bands have started above Baton Rouge.

I can upload website and pictures to blog tonight I hope. I'm trying to make my way to Baton Rouge Big Lots. Download yWriter tonight too.

Bought shelves. Not the white ones I wanted but I need them and can't be choosy. I'll get nicer stuff later, like after hurricane season.

We're already getting rain from Rita at 5:55pm in Denham Springs. I'll be sticking with 190 instead of I-12.

10/10/2005: A page a day equals 420 words a day (I double space after typing). That is a doable chunck; I'm not arguing with that. But how do I fit it in with the other writing I must do? The list of due dates is rather overhelming. One day one page at a time, but I'm going to have to be on a tighter schedule for the rest.

Shoot. I closed down too soon. I need to know how many pages I need to do a day to get the papers done on time. (I have done this and broke it down by a daily woord count.)

I like these new Atlantis pens from Bic, which means they won't make any more of them.

I have a lot more time to myself than I thought I would in the mornings. Problem is can I count on myself to get up that early every morning? I'm afraid to pin my writing on my sleep deprevation. Of course there's the stay up late and try to work. *Snort.* I'm brain dead when I get home. So mornings before everyone gets in is my only hope.

Fridays will be my reward day. (Why you're getting a blog today--I met my reward work quota.)

I need to consider Zy's series posibilities. Well there's the romance subplot: will Zy have figured out Xeryl's truth before it explodes? But that maybe the last story of this series. Long time of nothing but blank thoughts. Man, they've managed to do this for years on Law & Order.

Little girl lost, that face still gets to me but it needs more of a story to go with it.

Mylte's past with his homeworld and culture. I need to work on these some more, but again I want to leave him an enigma for a while.

Action adventure, such a fun genre. Plots should be easier and they're not.

Zy gets a promotion and something happens?

A good point from reading Holly Lisle's site: I'm making my manuscript pretty and how I would envision selling it to the public. It doesn't match the accepted formats for submissions. I've decided to continue writing it as I have, and worry about how to do word box inserts in a fiction submission during the editing process.

10/11/2005: I'm going to have to do some more background work in Zy's universe. I've started well with the species but they need more work from a culture standpoint.

Also need to add Zy's reports back to IGA in the story.

Mylte and Xeryl's cultures especially. Which means a trip to the library for books.

10/12/2005: More car whinning.

10/18/2005: Pretty brain dead, but its not as bad as working for Convergys. Though getting off with these early hours makes me hopeful I will get brain power back. (Hasn't happened yet.)

Now dealing with home distractions is another story. It's hard to concentrate with the siren call of other projects that need to be finished, started, or worked on. I know it's just a tool of my procrastination complex but knowing that hasn't given me a practical way to ignore it.

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