Friday, September 12, 2014

I had planned a different post

I thought the post breaking my hiatus of blogging would be on my health news instead of this, but Friday night has been just full of surprises. I also thought I would finish typing the chapter I still have to post, but plans got derailed.

Around eight o'clock while I was eating supper and playing a computer game, I heard squealing tires and a whump. It wasn't a tree crash and it's sad to know the difference just by sound alone. I went out the front door and heard kids crying. I was committed then, and spent the next two hours helping and witnessing. The SUV skidded off the road for reasons unknown right now, broadsided the neighbor's retaining wall he built on his driveway, and plowed sideways into the ditch that runs across his yard to the creek.

Luckily there were only minor injuries and the three kids about ten and under were more freaked out and in shock. I brought them to my front porch until the first responders arrived to get them out of the way and to check if they needed more first aid. The youngest was freaked out the most and wanted his daddy then his mommy and after I explained that his mommy had to wait until the cops came to deal with the car, he calmed a little. Then the fire truck arrived on scene. They always reach a car crash first. He freaked out again. "Firefighters! We don't need firefighters! What are they doing here?"

They actually managed to pull the SUV out without destroying the neighbor's driveway further and everything wrapped up and we got back inside by ten. So I've been working on this to calm down enough to go to bed.

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