Monday, December 06, 2010


The most writing I got done this weekend was while I was waiting at the garage for my car's brakes to be repaired and an oil change. I knew that my sister and nephew moving in with my parents would change my schedule, but I underestimated it. My parents can't keep up with an active four-year-old, my sister thinks he should be inside unless a grown-up is in the yard with him, so it has fallen on me to make sure he actually gets to play outdoors. And then he wants to come home with me and watch movies and play board games. Family comes first, but I need to find a way so I'm not being taken advantage of.

Otherwise, a rather uneventful weekend. I finally got Quicken straightened out (with the minor issue of not being able to import the export file I saved at work), and then spent my entire paycheck on car repairs. And that wasn't everything that Rizzo needs right now.

Computer is still dead, but I'm going to try to resuscitate the modem and see if I can get a wireless signal out of it. If I'm not totally brain dead by the time I get home.

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