Monday, June 21, 2010

Fresh Start Monday

*Snort* It sounded so doable yesterday. Course that was before I couldn't fall asleep on time last night and ended up waking up late this morning. Abbreviated morning routine, bought breakfast and lunch, and then discovered getting off the Interstate was the only way to get to work.

Welcome to Monday, folks.

Goals for the Week
  • Using the allotted chore time, clean up the sewing debris.
  • List Big Rocks.
  • Decide on Zy's novel or Strix's novel.
  • Exercise.
  • Primal eating.
in all honesty, I should start on the Tin Man Adora uniform for Halloween, but I just made my shoulder angel and shoulder devil burst into tears with the suggestion. So a break while I improve the sewing environment is probably necessary.

Improving the sewing environment: I discovered that moving the sewing machine to the living room so the extending table in the back room is free for cutting works, but not on my mother's six-foot-long folding table.

My idea is to modify a rolling kitchen cart to be a rolling sewing machine cabinet with panels that fold down into table tops for the fabric. I haven't gotten any further in the planning process than that.

Big Rocks self-explanatory.

June is almost over and I haven't worked on either Zy's or Strix's novels. I may end up flipping a coin.

Exercise & Primal Eating: two hundred sit-ups starts this week along with removing grains from me diet lifestyle. I've been following Mark's Daily Apple for a while now, and my health is not getting better according to Conventional Wisdom's way to treat metabolic syndrome. I had planned to go more cold turkey into primal eating this morning, but this morning left me unprepared for breakfast. My foraging included an English muffin.

Primal Blueprint 101, if you're interesting in reading more.

I think that's all for today. I'm off to find a kitchen cart to modify.

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Astra Skadi said...

I'll try to read up on the primal diet when I get a chance (have a meeting tonight), but I read a bunch of books dealing with insulin resistance and they basically all say the same thing, to cut out as much carbohydrates as you can, get a moderate amount of exercise (not lots of aerobic exercise b/c your body will just adjust), and eat as natural as possible. Sugar busters says that eating protein actually burns up carbohydrates, not just replaces them. So, I started eating more fish and some chicken. Made some other rearrangements, like eating fruit instead of crackers and got some low carb cerial, etc. My triglycerides got down to 160, with no other medication besides fish oil. I was floored. They've never tested that low without meds. However, I still have a problem with sources that say "eat lots of meat". Approximately 70% of hunter-gather diet is/was plant based. Ok, speaking of food, my dinner timer is going off (fish is calling my name).

KLCtheBookWorm said...

You know I find these conversations really funny, given how you wouldn't touch a vegetable during college. ;)

Everything is in moderation, more or less. There's more emphasis on clean meats--pasture raised rather than stuffed with corn and antibodies--and still plenty of veggies. I think Mark has 365 recipes for salad because that's what he does for lunch every day. When you reach your goal weight/shape/numbers, most people are able to maintain using 80/20. Do right 80% of the time and the other 20% won't matter.

I'm not coordinated enough for heavy cardio, thank the gods. So most of my exercises has always leaned to muscle building and yoga. Blessed be yoga for you move slow!

I want to get his books so I can share them with Mom and Dad, but for everybody else I recommend following the links.

Astra Skadi said...

365 recipes for salad?! This is exactly the reason I wouldn't touch vegetables previously. 365 soups and casseroles, i.e. *cooked* vegetables, are more to my liking.

I suspect that one reason that low carb dietary lifestyles emphasize meat is because it "sticks to your ribs". It would take a lot more eating - and planning to eat - if you just stuck to a vegetarian, low carbohydrate diet, in order to keep your stomach from not being empty.

KLCtheBookWorm said...

I'm exaggerating, but his wife and son are more vegan than he is so I'm sure there's more offerings.

And the community is pretty large too. This is where I got the recipe for carb-less pizza, so there are plenty of options for substitutions for the bread items. Spaghetti squash instead of the noodles, etc. The last time I made eggplant casserole, I substituted flax seeds for the breadcrumbs and it still held together.