Friday, September 18, 2009

Bones Season 5

So the Puritan in my head tried to give me grief that I shouldn't waste time with frivolity until the Faulkner paper is finished. The rest of the committee in my head mutinied. The Puritan got labeled a "masochist" and I watched Bones sans guilt trip; though I did concede to print out the paper and see how many pages didn't suck from the critique. I got 7 out of 20.

So thoughts on Bones first episode of season five. There may be spoilers.

First: That's how to do a Tarot card scene. Way back when in the first Creative Writing class I took, I put a solitary Tarot card reading into the story. The class promptly booted the scene out because it was boring. Having other people to talk to makes it all that more interesting. Giving the psychic with the Tarot cards the job of recapping the cliffhanger scores points with me.

Second: Cyndi Lauper's ability to pull off a believable psychic has come a long since Vibes, the movie she did with Jeff Goldblum. I hope her character, Harmony, becomes a regular guest.

Third: Speaking of the regular guests, I love Carolyn the Federal Prosecutor extraordinaire.

Fourth: After the whole episode about a baby (i.e. last season's second-to-last episode), both Bones and Booth kept quiet about the dream/book baby. Hmmm...

Fifth: No intern? Bones was supposed to be picking a graduate assistant, hence the revolving interns gimmick of last season. Granted it's only been six weeks between the seasons (they said that often enough), so maybe the deadline for picking one isn't up yet.

Sixth: Big huge hint that Angela and Hodges are back together. SQUEE! I love these two and the sex romps on the reproduction of Cleopatra's bed.

That's all I got for now. Onto Faulkner pain for the weekend. I'm think of letting the snark out to play on it. I'm out of ideas otherwise.

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