Thursday, July 16, 2009

Websites are back

The budget is squeaking like a mouse in a trap, but I managed to get the hosting bills paid. Next step is to get the updates finished and set up the Project Wonderful ads. Then I can go back to the creating content and crossing my fingers so nothing breaks while I'm concentrating on other things.

Yeah, I think I can check in on things again in December. After I turn in the Faulkner paper and get a new diploma.

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Merrilee said...

So at some point, will all this stuff be finished so you can get some time to write? ;P

KLCtheBookWorm said...

Define "writing."

Seriously, I'm writing/editing content for the update, writing blog posts, editing fiction, and eventually have to bite the bullet and start writing Faulkner so I have the next draft of that ready for September.

If original fiction is what you're worried about, that's probably going to be late December or January start. Right now, the projects in that bucket require more brainstorming than I have time to schedule in.

I can't jump into a project without three/fourths of the background details and plot defined, which is where I suspect I've kept going of course with Zy's Novel each time. I have that plot now I really need to put the work into the aliens. Strix's plot way more nebulous but a better grasp on characters.

I'm not stressed.When the time is right for me to dive into them, I will.