Monday, May 11, 2009

Making Plans

I have no idea how I managed to do it, but my back feels like it has been tied up in one giant knot. Or as my massage therapist friend put it, “You’ve got a lot of tension there.” My monthly chiropractic appointment is Thursday, but I may see if I can move it up if it doesn’t improve. The only thing I can think of is that I haven’t been moving enough, with the sit-and-study, sit-and-write, sit-and-manipulate-the-images routine I’ve had lately.

And it took almost all weekend to review projects and plans and try to figure out what will be going on in the next eight months. There’s something really satisfying about being able to make a hole in my Weekly To Do List template. Not that the other things already scheduled on the list won’t fill up that time without me adding anything, but I allowed myself a Zen moment of accomplishment.

I would like to avoid the insane layering of projects if at all possible. Which is why I took so long studying everything. Let’s start by looking at the really backlogged:
  • Housework – shouldn’t count as a project but it got out of hand and needs to be wrestled into submission before I make myself sick.
  • The BookWorm’s Library – updating is a year past due
  • Alt. BM Site – ditto
  • FFGarret – time to unveil this and see if I can make it work
  • BMFM: Turbo – finish
  • BMFM: For Worse – finish
  • Tin Man: Dragons and Ninjas – finish
  • Tin Man: Pirates of the Nonestic – finish
  • Strix – start and eventually finish
  • Zy’s Novel – start and eventually finish
  • Faulkner paper – finish on the deadline
  • Office remodel – have plans so I’m ready when I have money
  • Kitchen remodel – have plans so I’m ready when I have money
  • Bathroom remodel – have plans so I’m ready when I have money
  • Sewing circle – toying with this idea as a way to be social and get things off the project list
And this is just how easily the plans overwhelm me, damn it. It’s all well and good to say “update the website” but that doesn’t cover all the mini-projects that must be done fore I can sign off that it is finished. *Deep breath.* Prioritize. Admittedly, not my strongest affinity.

The BookWorm’s Library – what needs to be finished for me to feel like it’s a real update?
  1. Newsletter set up with a new story ready to go including Author’s Notes and soundtrack
  2. Edited Author’s Notes with soundtracks uploaded
  3. Story mistakes fixed
    • missing flash players added
    • fix McGilla to Magilla in crossover
    • Make sure all the edited Evil Jack stories are uploaded
  4. Take down old Writing Tutorials and put up link to FFGarret
  5. Forum for feedback
  6. Project Wonderful ads

Okay, I think these six things (and believe the idea list is much longer) are doable by the end of the month. Some of them may be already done and I forgot I did them. But let’s not get ahead of myself here; break everything down into Action Steps.
  1. New story ready to post: BMFM For Worse is done
  2. New story’s Author’s Notes is ready to post: done
  3. Soundtrack for new story: already uploaded
  4. Newsletter delivery system: need one
  5. Newsletter announcement: rough draft written
  6. Author’s Notes had soundtracks added to them: done
  7. Author’s Notes have been uploaded: no
  8. Missing flash players have been added: no
  9. Crossover fix has been uploaded: no
  10. Edited Evil Jack stories have been uploaded: no
  11. Removed old Writing Tutorial section: no
  12. Add links to FFGarret: no
  13. FFGarret ready to go live: no
  14. Forum delivery system: need one
  15. Project Wonderful ads created: no
  16. Project Wonderful ads have been positioned on pages: no
Lot more listed as “no” than “finished.”

FFGarret: Needs before going live
  1. Create ads for Project Wonderful
  2. Write first article
  3. Write second article
  4. Write third article
  5. Write fourth article
  6. Write fifth article
  7. Write and publish an article a week—see if setting up future posts is possible with Drupal
Like dominoes falling into place, sadly almost. There’s a lot to do here, but I think it’s totally doable to make two of these items two Big Rocks for the week. So I’m going to have these projects finished by June 1st before moving to the next one.

That’s the plan as it stands right now. Let’s see how the week turns out.


Merrilee said...

You really do know how to overextend yourself... ;)

phpbb is good as a forum, I've heard, and easy to customise.

Good luck! I'd offer assistance, but I'm struggling with time myself at the moment.

KLCtheBookWorm said...

I'm going to use Drupal. I already know how to set it up and I can use one thing to set up newsletters, forum, and eventually an e-shop. E-shop not fully planned out yet, just know eventually I want another revenue stream.

Most of the problem isn't the amount to do, it's the time to do it in. I can only do so much on website design stuff while I have free time at the paying job because I don't have access to the right programs. It's usually website update time that I really miss my laptop.