Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More health fun

Got the dreaded pelvic exam over with yesterday and got diagnoised with PCOS. The short answer is my hormones are out of whack due to insulin resistance and messing up with my ovulation. What does that mean specifically for me? I get all the fun shit like pimples and PMS but no bleeding to show why I need to bite people's heads off, and a four month wait till my appointment with an endocrinologist. And they want me to start pricking my finger every day.

And a happy Valentine's Day to you too.

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Mez said...

Ack! Needles = bad! Sorry to hear about the PCOS, but at least you are already tackling the diet and exercise bit :) You'll beat it in time, don't worry!

KLCtheBookWorm said...

The problem is dieting and exercise haven't been working. My weight has been steady creeping upwards, which is why I haven't been posting on about it. It's probably time for chemical intervention.

Mez said...

Ack! Chemical intervention = :( But if it makes you feel better, then it's all good! *hugs* hang in can do it! Wish I was there to help. Feel free to e-mail me and unburden...if it helps.