Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Quote I need to memorize

Writers need to learn that those horribly polite form letters do not necessarily mean the work is not good; it just means that those particular words on paper are not what the publisher desires to buy.

Page 213 The Writer's Guide to Fantasy Literature.

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Monday, November 29, 2004

Officially Droppping Out

That's right, I'm officially dropping out of my unofficial participation in NaNo, beautiful fail experiement that is was for me. I keep blaming it on the insanity of the month, but the truth is I cannot make myself write everyday. End of the story. I couldn't even get my ass out of bed to write this morning.

Force myself some how, go back to spend five minutes a day on it. Something damnit! If I don't have any damn disciple now, how the hell am I expecting to have it with real deadlines?

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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Turkey Day

Parents haven't gone out of town, and coming with us to dinner. Since that was Chad's bright idea, he's moving furniture today. *Sigh* Okay so he's right about I'd be on their shit-list for months.

And it looks like I've lost a 441 word chunck of fighting dialogue for Zy's Novel. And as hard as it is for me to write right now I'm not happy about losing it.

Guess it's back to stripping the table, since I can't find any help on the Internet.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Stressed? Who Me?

Really, I try not to be, but it just happens. Money issues don't make it any better. House stuff should wrap up by Monday or Tuesday. Goddess, I hope so.

"The Rose" was rejected Nov. 21st. Time to send it to the next on the list.

I'm leaving work early so I can catch up on house work and do some writing at home. I'd love to say hello to Chapter Six before this weekend.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

T not slow

I haven't been reporting that. Mainly because I do use this blog to vent and blow off steam, and I don't do so well reporting the good stuff.

Yes, Chad and I have been talking about this all weekend, and then some. Chad does appreciate me. The first thing he told me when I came to help with the tickets and sandwiches on Monday was "Thank God your here." And I'll admit a good portion of all this is me too; I'm not totally innocent. I've been stressed and frustrated about the house situation.

We're going to have Thanksgiving with just the two of us, since both of our families are busy doing stuff we can't participate in. (My parents are planning a trip, and his mother's boyfriend is undergoing a medical procedure.) That's allieviating my frets about him not wanting to spend time with just me.

So let me go get caught up on Zy's novel and finish lunch.

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Monday, November 22, 2004

So how did Sunday go?

Though I don't think I should. I mean I'm having a bad time, nothing to serious just I'm tired and cranky and tired and everything is rubbing me the wrong way. Chad and I are way too used to being single and not used to thinking of being in a unit.

And he has apologizied and sent virtual flowers. And he kept shooing me to work on the novel last night.

I have pirates who want to build. If it's not just me, I may actually get my sunken ship.

Now I have to go get some more lunch, since I'm going to be here probably late tonight.

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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Another Blogger book deal

I'm happy for them, but really, this thing becoming a novel has about the same chances as me winning the Powerball that I don't play. Just as well, I suppose, I want to write fiction.

Yesterday was the nastiest day at Faire for the past couple of years. I was having flashbacks of the first year we opened. First year: how do stop a drought in southern Louisiana? Alvon and Rick open a Renaissance Festival. Since it was a drought, nobody had any idea what the drainage issues would be. It started pouring first day and didn't stop. Second weekend was canceled because we were wading through thigh-high mud.

The drainage problems have been fixed, so most of yesterday was avoiding patches of clay, staying dry as possible, and trying to cook over a fire in the rain. We have 400 die-hards come through the gate in patches, and the merchants who were open all made money. I got wet and became an ice cube. Waiting on garb to dry so I can get dressed.

Chad and I are spating. He's just being a clueless male, and I'm out of patience with it. I told him he needed to come home with me Saturday night to deal with his cat that's sleeping in my back bedroom. I thought about it later and decided Friday night would be better. Granted I didn't tell him that, because being sleep deprived over sandwich making I forgot.

Friday, I left work early to get survey maps. That's right they finally finished. I visited with Mom for a little while and took her car to go get the plastic bread trays and pick up Chad. He doesn't want to come home with me Friday, but needs me to wash his laundry. Sunday would be better since I'm going to be late going into work on Monday finishing up survey paperwork. Okay fine, even though that doesn't mean any sleep late time for me, since I'd have to get him back on site for 6:30am and nothing I have to do in Hammond opens until 8am.

"Let's go eat."

"Let's wait for Kenn and Amy, they were at the store."

I figured he meant Lowes'. An hour later spent visiting with the Dagoons, "Where are Kenn and Amy?"
"They went to Wal-Mart, they should be back here now."

"Call them!" They went to Wal-Mart in Slidell, and we're now on their way to Faire Site. Slidell being 45 minutes away. I try not to live by my stomach, but going from noon to 8pm is a long time without anything to eat, especially when I normally eat around 6pm.

They finally got there, we packed up the leftover milk (don't ask), and figured now was the perfect time to eat. Of course, Kenn and Amy had already eaten, it's 8:30pm!

I had planned on getting the stupid bread trays, dropping them off at Mom's store, and be home and writing at 7pm at the latest, with or without Chad. Mustard had vanished on me and wasn't inside and I was worried about that.

We eat at Ryan's. I'm still upset over being completely railroaded, and what I needed done completely ignored. Kenn keeps saying Chad should go home with me tonight, and Chad still doesn't get it. He finally says "I need a stress free weekend to catch up on my sleep."

"How is coming to my house stressful?" He stammers something that doesn't answer my question. We haven't tried to have sex since August, every time I thought we would sleep over at the Inn, Joe or Kenn and Amy would show up. But good grief, I know he's exhausted and I wasn't trying to get him to come with me to rape him!

"How is coming to my house stressful!" He doesn't answer, or says that isn't what he meant. "You sure the hell implied it! I'm going home!" Snatching purse off table and I storm out of the restaurant.

Chad sits his ass inside.

I was furious by the time I hit the car door. By the time I got home at 9:30, I was too mad to write. Trying to leave some choice statements on his voicemail, I got ahold of Di and Jeff who needed a place to sleep. Come on over, Kindra not getting any tonight. Not even a cuddle.

What did I say on the phone? I wasn't appreciated, his hobby/business is always more important than my hobby/business. I had put the novel on hold all damn week to help him build his goddamn bag lunches, and all I got was his dirty garb linen. He only wants to be with me because of washing machine, not because he actually desires me. Nobody wants to fuck cute and I guess that's why he doesn't want to fuck me. Bad enough to go through your entire life under the damn ugly duckling syndrome, but even worse when you think you found a guy that looks pass that and he only kisses you to shut you up. And your cat pissed on my guest bed and the clothes waiting for the sewing machine on it. ANd why don't we invite Kenn and Amy over because maybe then you'll want to spend time with me and I can get some sex!

Then he tries to fix this with phone calls. I'm at the still mildly peeved stage. Dinner (with everyone in tow) was supposed to be a make-up. No flowers, even though I told the rose girl to go find him. His excuse on that was "I'm blind as a bat and didn't see her." The Inn was full of cast members! All of which already know we're spatting and you didn't have them look?! "I wanted to be a surprise."

"I was at the pirate camp all DAMN DAY!"

No, he still hasn't dug himself out. And I may leave early today without him if he keeps pulling this stupid crap and the weather is nasty.

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Friday, November 19, 2004

Doesn't feel like Friday

Because we had extra days off the last two weeks. Heck I was out sick Monday, and it still feels like today should be Saturday.

50% chance of scattered T-storms both Saturday and Sunday. Yeah, we'll be getting wet at Faire. :p

All caught up on sleep. Now if I get caught up on lawsuit entries, I might have a chance to write today. At least I can count on lunch.

And today is the first day of something I don't want to get yelled at about so I'm not saying. Personal reminder.

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

No more sandwiches

That's right, we got done and I was in bed by 10:30pm. Woot! If I was feeling so crappy, it would have been a good night's sleep. I hope I'm not coming down with a cold. Chad says he's not doing bag lunches for next year's Student Days. I retorted with "that's the same thing you said last year and you talked yourself into doing it again." He swears he's going to sell T-shirts. Check this entry in a year and see who was right.

I'm almost finished with "How to Write a Damn Good Mystery" by James N. Frey, but I think a lot of those ideas will be in the rewrite portion. On the flip side, I've already done a lot of work on Zy's novel and I've already completed some steps.

My right knee is hurting. Feels bruised, and hurts every time I stand up. Getting out of the car is agony. I guess I better look up knee problems. After I get what I have written in Zy's Novel posted.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Taking a deep breath

I finally get one during lunch. I hate Novemeber, I hate my job, I hate making bag lunches for Chad.

The current job apathy is because renewal season has kicked into overdrive, and I'm sleep deprived because of staying up making sandwiches for the bag lunches Chad sold for the scool days. Yes, my brain does know all the good reasons for doing it and it understands and it agrees. But my mouth wants to bitch and will continue to bitch. Just one more night.

Greek food good.

I'm reading stuff on copywriting, still wondering if it would make a good career path. I like Jazz's idea to try NaNo in a different month, but I still want to try for 50,000 words. It's not that hard, four pages a day, which is where I should be anyway.

Could I turn this blog into a publishing deal? I don't think so, it's too willy-nilly.

I'm not looking at any changes until after the house stuff is finished. Yes, the survey is still in limbo--every time I call I get a different story. Now the Planning Commission is supposed to call me. I've decided I'm not paying the surveyors until a) I get the survey map, and b) they bill me. Both have to happen.

That's all for now. Let me see if I can take a 15 minute nap.

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Saturday, November 13, 2004

725 words

That is a really crappy performance for three days of writing. And of course the weekend is dead writing time anyway. Who's bright idea was it to put NaNo in Novemeber anyway? Why not June? I don't have nearly as much going on in June.

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Friday, November 12, 2004

Why did we have to come to work on a Friday?

We only got the 11th off for Vetern's Day. And that caused oodles of fun yesterday. Reading through the link Cassidy found, Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust and enjoying it. Especially needed to have the info on taxes.

Surveyors - I went to see what the hold up was this time. The Tangiphoa Planning Commission didn't have any issues with the land I'm buying, but had issues with a division of the stuff my grandmother still owns and is supposed to be attached to my father's acre. So the dashed lines got erased from the map and she delivered it to the commission yesterday. Commission was closed due to Vetern's Day, so hopefully they'll approve it today and I can leave early and get it done.

I got plastic photo holders to hold my notecards for Zy's Novel in the three-ring binder with the rest of the stuff. That was a good idea.

Chad wasted a trip to the post office trying to mail School Day tickets out. He couldn't remember that I'm off and that means banks and post office are closed too. Then he and Kenn wasted about 2 hours on lunch. I told them Joe has them trained to take forever, and that's why they never seemed to get anything accomplished. It only took me 2 hours after that to put my box together.

I finally got home after 5pm, and got started on house cleaning. Got most of the laundry done, and all dishes but one pot washed.

Caught up with Mom. She got the job at Southeast Something. It's a mental hospital, and she's working with teenagers. She says it's a different world from her old job, and wants me to keep an eye out for office openings. Apparantly everyone in there is retirement age.

Writing, yes I have been working on NaNo, but it's not on the computer yet. As soon as I get it typed, I'll have to do a combined three-day post.

And I think that's it for now.

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Vacation Day

You know, that's really a lie. I have more planned for today than any of my so-called working days.

Here's to getting it all done.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The luck of my life

Everything is coming to a head at the same time. I should have map in my grubby hands tomorrow. I should make some progress on NaNo tomorrow. I hopefully won't have to stay late at the office tonight.

Let me eat so I can have some typing time.

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Ignore the hair in my hand

Ignore the bald spot on my head.

We only had two batchers yesterday. I didn't leave the office till 5pm. When I got home it was doing research for the next portion I have to write.

I did get some writing done on NaNo, but very little. And no time to put it up. I'll go do that now.

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Monday, November 08, 2004

Return of the Sith

If this movie lives up to this trailer, I might cut George a tiny bit of slack for the way the first two came out.


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What a weekend

It was our best opening day ever. Weather was perfect and most everything ran smoothly. My pirates garb looks great, they're playing with the patrons, and we're getting better at the Peasant Court case.

Sunday night, I had to wait for pirates to come back to camp and get their stuff. And then explain to one what Captain Peabody means. Then we had a birthday cake for Mitch, and Chad had to get his laundry. Home before 8pm, but Chad took forever in the bathroom and I was waiting for him to get finished before eating. 10pm, he was expecting me to take him back to the Inn and I was spending will power points to stay conscious. My knee is still protecting stairs, for some reason it doesn't like doing that full movement. And I had a hard enough time getting out of the car when we got to my house.

I convinced him we needed to stay. We have to work on our communication skills. I'm tired of having to go into hysterics to convince him I don't want to wrap around a tree. And then I set the alarm for 4pm instead of 4am. Luckily, Chad woke up at 5am and we hauled ass getting dressed. But then discovered that Chad had left a car door ajar and drained my battery. Mom was about to leave to her new job--no, I didn't know anything about this--and was able to jump us off.

After all that, and I still made it to work on time. Good thing too, as of now we still have 3 people out.

I was in no condition to write this weekend. :p Which is very aggravating, but unavoidable at this stage. Work has now geared into the renewal season, so I think I'll be trying to get the 1667 words a day at home now. Hopefully close to that much.

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Friday, November 05, 2004


I didn't get enough sleep last night, and that is affecting my concentration on the story. Why didn't I get enough sleep? Oh, because I was being girly and crying myself to sleep. Stupid personal shit, nothing to do with the state of NaNo or anything like that.

Should I be flattered or afraid my Dreambook has been signed by someone adopting Tala's name?
I'm proud of her, I knew it was only a matter of time before she had fans, but I also know how hard she fights not to be a depraved basketcase. Okay, I think I'll keep the mixed feelings on that one.

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Okay something is screwy with the posting to Discipline Under Fire. Must be the same thing Jazzy complained about. I sent the email like the Internal Error page told me to.

I got 1495 words done yesterday, but I don't know when I'll get a chance to post them.

I glued the pirate flag together and the peices got a little off. *Sigh* Next year I'm getting five of them silk screened.

Hope this goes through.

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Thursday, November 04, 2004

No comments at Discipline Under Fire

Yes, that was deliberately. None of that stuff is ready for critiquing. When it is ready, I'll put it up at Pen to Paper or Forward Motion.

I cracked over a thousand words yesterday. I could have gotten more, but I decided to go see Chad. Okay, he bribed me with La Carretta. Yummy Mexican food. :D And I discovered I can write on an exercise bike.

Speaking of exercise, I'm going to be cranking that up to the next level.

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Losing memory

I knew I was forgetting something yesterday--going to the insurance agencts. Because the survey's not finished, I forgot all about it.

Found a new link, The Dionaea House. Have fun. :D

Time to get started on Zy's novel. I have nearly 4000 words to get caught up.

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day vacation

Thanks to somebody years ago, state workers get Nov. 2cd off every four years. Go vote for the president now!

I decided I better get it done before attempting to do anything else. I made it to the polls at 8am. 8:20 still in line. I think we need more machines. But apparantly, this is the short line; when the polls opened at 6am, the line reached down the road.

Somebody came out and told us what's going on. My line just got shorter. They need ropes like Disney World.

8:40am done! They split and changed some of the precinct and there's a lot of mass confusion. But I voted and that's all that matters.

Now did I get any writing done? Not really. I finally got all the email addys straight and sent out my "hey I'm on Gmail now" notice to those who matter. That took forever, so I need to keep those address books updated more frequently. Then I cooked. Should have enough food for the next two weeks. So I only got 718 words written. Better than I did yesterday, but DAMN what am I going to have to do to myself to make me sit down and WRITE!

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Monday, November 01, 2004

Tearing hair out

Now I remember why I had to develop the writing hour AFTER my co-workers left. Yes, we have slow, yes, I could be writing, but they won't SHUT UP! I can't concentrate! Bloody hell I'm going to have to do half my writing in the moring or after I get home.

And surveying crap is supposed to be finished next week. Goddess, I'm getting tired of that run around!

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Fastest update in the West

Can't waste precious writing time. I'm officially dieting now along with working out since I only lost 2 and 3/8 inches over all and gained 5 pounds.

Hopefully surveying stuff will be done by tomorrow.

NaNoWriMo has official started. Away I go.

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